A safe and reliable student network

Enabling students to connect and collaborate with other students (whether past and present) registered on the prom page, sharing information, plans and advice ahead of the school prom.Enabling students to connect directly and safely with the local businesses providing all of the services required by those attending and organizing a prom.Enabling organisers to keep students updated by posting information regarding their event on a personalised prom notice board within MyschoolProms.co.uk.

Marketplace for businesses

Providing businesses with a direct gateway to promote their products and services to organizers, parents and students in an accessible and simple manner.

Prom committees and parents

Enabling parents and prom committees to take much of the strain out of organising the event through direct access to our database of services and products available locally, whilst additionally providing a platform where they can communicate with both those attending the event and other proms organisers to exchange ideas and advice.

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Prom Fayre

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