1 General

I’ve forgotten my login and/or password, what do I do?

Click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the login box on the home page (make sure you first of all select the right type of login) and enter your UserName and the Email Address you used to register. Provided that they match, a new password will be emailed to you. If you also have forgotten your UserName then use the link to email us with the information that will correctly identify you (Email Address, Postal Address, Supply Address if a supplier or any School Prom events you have registered with if you’re a student). We can then send you your UserName and a new password.

2 For Suppliers

How do I get a listing in the directory?

To get a listing you will need to first of all create an account with us and then provide a listing of your business addresses and the services you provide from there. You can choose a listing type according to your budget from a Standard listing where your details will be available to people searching for services on the site through to a Gold listing which includes a banner on the home page.

What combination of addresses and services can I set up?

You can set up whatever matches your business. You could have a single supply location and business name that provides many different services; or you could have many business names at the same address that each provide a single service; or multiple business names at multiple addresses each providing one or more services. If there is a specific combination that suits your business that we don’t currently provide then please contact us here.

I have signed up for your site but can’t see my listing in the directory?

Your sign-up address is purely for your login account. You also need to add in listings for the services that you provide.

I can’t find a suitable category for my business, what do I do?

Contact us and we will either direct you to the most appropriate category or, if suitable, we can add a new category for you.

How do I remove my free listing?

Login to your Supplier Page and first of all use the Remove Location button to delete all your supply addresses. You can then contact us to have your login details removed from the system. Note that we cannot process a login removal until you have first of all removed your supply locations.

What if my business is On-Line and I don’t have a supply address?

Because we use a location-based search, you need to provide a supply address. We are looking to enhance the searches to include on-Line suppliers as a result in each search.

Can I buy an listing online?

Yes, you can pay for your listing using PayPal and upload your own logo/artwork (provided it meets size and type restrictions). A logo or artwork is only required for Bronze, Silver or Gold level adverts not for Standard listings.

What size of logo/artwork can I upload?

For a Gold advert you need to upload an image in JPG format which is 1920 pixels wide and 1275 pixels high. This image will appear in the slideshow on the home page. You also need to upload a second image which is 200 pixels wide but can be any height. This is shown in the side bar on other pages.

For Bronze and Silver adverts you need to upload an image in JPG format which is 200 pixels wide but can be any height. This is shown in the side bar throughout the site.

Standard listings do not require a logo or artwork.

Who sees my advert?

We use your Post Code to target your advert to local users. We also use a rotation system on the adverts so that each fresh view of each page selects new adverts from the local advertisers. This increases the number of pages on which your advert can potentially be seen.

Can I be the exclusive advertiser for a specific category within my Post Code area?

Because of the complex algorithm we use to identify potential advertisers based on the viewer’s location, we cannot currently offer exclusivity. This is something we are looking at and if we do offer it in the future it will be included on the Advertise With Us page.

How much does each advert cost?

A Gold advert is £200.00 per year. A Silver advert £150.00 per year. A Bronze advert £100.00 per year. A Standard listing is £5.00 per year.

Gold adverts are shown in the banner on the home page and in the side bar on all pages. Silver adverts are shown in the side bar on all pages. Bronze adverts are shown in the side bar on all pages except for ‘Home’ and ‘Search for Services’. A Standard listing is shown in the results on the ‘Search for Services’ page.

4 For Students

How old do I have to be to register on MySchoolProms.co.uk ?

You must be at least 13 years old to register.

What personal information can other users see?

Other users registered to the same Prom Event will see all the journal posts and photos that you post. They are also able to see your Name, your Biography and Hobbies information on your MyPage (but NOT your own personal Notes) along with the list of Prom Events you are associated with. Nobody else is able to see your postal or email addresses or your date of birth.

How do I update my Biography and Hobbies information?

From your MyPage, click on the Update My Profile link. On the edit page you can update all of your personal information including your email and postal addresses, your password and your profile photograph. You can also edit your own personal Notes which only you can see on your MyPage.

What is my Journal?

Your Journal is accessed from your MyPage and is where you can share your own personal comments about your Prom experience and your photographs with your fellow Prom attendees. The posts and photographs are specific to that Prom event.

How do I delete a Journal Entry?

From your MyPage, click on the Add Journal button next to the Prom event where the entry was posted. Each previously posted entry has a Trash Can icon which will allow you to delete it.

How do I delete a Photograph?

From your MyPage, click on the Add Photo button next to the Prom event where the photograph was posted. Each previously posted entry has a Trash Can icon which will allow you to delete it.

How do I associate with a Prom Event?

From your MyPage, enter part of the school name to search for. A list of possible matches will be returned and you can then select your school from the list. Once you select your school, a list of currently registered Proms will be displayed – if your Prom Year exists you can just select it and you will be associated with the Prom. If your Prom Year is not listed then your event has not yet been registered and you should either get one of your Prom Committee members to sign up and create it or you can register the event yourself to get started and then add the Prom Committee members once they register on the site.

How do I remove myself from a Prom Event?

From your MyPage, check the box next to the Prom Event that you want to disassociate from and click on the Delete button underneath. All your Journal postings and Photographs for that event will be deleted as well.

My School is not listed, what can I do?

We hope to have pre-added all the UK schools, but if you cannot find your school listed then first of all make your search more general and do not include possible abbreviations (e.g. search again without including St or Saint in the name). If you still cannot find your school then click on the link to “Click here to register your school and add a new Prom Page!”. Enter the school name and address and optionally create the Prom Event at the same time.

My Prom Event has already taken place, can I still register my Prom and post Photographs?

Absolutely. MySchoolProms.co.uk is a great place to share your experience. Just follow the same set up instructions as for a future event (including the Prom Committee setup) and then all your classmates will be able to register and add their own photos and journal posts.

5 For Prom Committees

What does MySchoolProms.co.uk provide for me as a Prom Organiser?

We give you an area specifically for your Prom Event which you can use to keep everyone up to date with the plans via a blog-like Journal. You can manage which users can associate themselves with your event and can remove any users that shouldn’t be associated. You can keep track of what the students are posting in their Journals about the event and can remove any inappropriate Journal post or Photograph that is added. You can send out emails to all attendees with information about the event.

How do I set up a Prom Committee?

The user that initially registers the Prom Event by default becomes a Prom Committee member. From the Committee Collaboration Page, they can then add additional users as Prom Committee Members. Any Prom Committee Member can then adjust the membership of the Prom Committee by adding or removing others.

How do I remove a Prom Event?

From the Committee Collaboration Page, you can select the option to remove the Prom Event that you are a Committee Member for. When the event is removed, the following actions occur:

What’s the difference between a Prom Committee journal post and a user’s journal post?

The Prom Committee journals will appear in a separate area at the top of the Prom Page so that they stand out from any user journal posts.